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Impact Study and Environmental Assessment for Investment Projects Requiring Permits and Environmental Permits

We formulate Studies and Environmental Impact Rating for investment projects that require environmental permits and authorizations. It includes management under national environmental law authorities such as MARENA and other national institutions.

We also evaluate the environmental, social and economic impacts of infrastructure projects such as roads, building material storages, among others as well as assessing in the environmental, social and economic impacts of forest management projects in different-sized areas.

Our staff is also experienced in the assessment of environmental impacts on water resources industries that generate pollutants discharged.

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Corporate Environmental Management

We have experience in conducting Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Management Programs for companies within the framework of environmental laws and suggestions for improvements to reduce the generation of solid and liquid wastes.

The company, after getting their permit approved, will require in its implementation phase, the monitoring of environmental commitments, in which INCASTESA will set-in to assist your business so it continues with the environmental improvements in their production and business processes.

We have experience in the development of proposals for improvements in industrial systems for efficient use of energy resources, water and reducing production costs. Also, our staff has experience in the development of proposals for systems treating industrial, domestic and agricultural wastewater to reduce environmental pollution.

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Project Development in Forest Management and Production

We conduct economic, environmental and socio-economic feasibility studies to determine the feasibility of a project and its implementation.

We develop General Forest Management Plans (GFMP) and Annual Operational Plans (AOPs) in broadleaf and coniferous forests on the basis of the existing forest's potential in the site, including its industrial and marketing requirements, and current forest conditions in terms of composition and forest structure .

In Nicaragua, the Forestry Development Act No. 462 states that in order to manage and harvest the tropical forests of hardwoods and conifers first one needs to develop a General Forest Management Plan (GFMP) along with its Annual Operating Plan (AOP), which is a technical planning and monitoring document (according to the Technical Regulations of Forest Management) that integrates inventory requirements, forestry, conservation, utilization and transport of raw materials to a certain area.

We develop the cost structure of the components, forest inventory, road infrastructure, logging , forestry , capacity strengthening and human resources.

This function is to determine the cost (U.S. $ / m3) of production and management activities forest relative to the total volume of commercial timber which is intended for use with the aim of assessing the profitability of the business.

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Studies to Determine Economic and Forestry Potentials of Broadleaf and Conifer Forests.

Includes diagnosis and inventory of species, timber volumes , prices for buying and selling timber, road infrastructure, forest management period, and cost benefit ratio.

We conduct technical studies to determine forest productivity of broadleaf and coniferous forests as a first step to assess the feasibility of the business , because we have a comprehensive study relating the cutting volumes and prices for buying and selling wood at national and international levels and total projected profitability through a cost-benefit analysis ratio.

Studies of forest products are also available, including the description of products, regions of increased demand, customers / consumers, prices and sales estimates, requirements and dimensions of a higher demand, reference prices for products, sales periods, forest species of greatest demand, estimated sales, marketing, permits, customs and FOB prices.

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Projects for Commercial and Reforesting Plantations

We do a soil and climate analysis in site to determine adaptation and projection of growth and yield of the plantations. We also develop the plant production plan, estimate material requirements and inputs for planting as well as develop a management plan for the forest plantation and finally perform financial analysis and its relationship to other business opportunities.

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Enviromental Component Studies for Places of Interest for Investment

We conduct studies on wildlife, water resources, use of natural resources, among others.

We evaluate the quality and availability of surface and ground water resources and manage permissions and authorizations from the authorities responsible for their use and handling.

Forest inventories conducted with modern methods and validated in the country's forests. Our staff has modern equipment and are trained in the forest.

Our staff is experienced in identifying floristic species in different categories with appropriate sample collection, preservation and identification techniques.

We conduct studies to determine conservation status as well as uses and threats to fauna in areas of interest for the development of investment projects.

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